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  1. What's it worth in todays market?

    Maybe trade for that $400 Law folding adapter!!!!!!!
  2. RV for sail, needs a little tlc

    There was a really rough one for sale on here a while back also. . .
  3. Shouldering Sig brace is ok now?

    Well theres some hope. . .
  4. Shouldering Sig brace is ok now?

    Forgive my ignorance what happens on the 23rd?
  5. Has anyone ever woke themselves up by farting

    Yep, I have ripped some that wake and startle the wife, I usually get a kick back:pray2:
  6. RK gun show sunday I got asked to leave

  7. OC rules

    I saw a uniformed security guard using an inside the waist band holster. The clip was attached to the belt but the gun/holster was worn outside like a real holster. It was a cheap nylon one. Retention value level -1.
  8. Question for any Marines

    Because when they pull the trigger on a enemy/terrorist they don't have worry if the round is chambered. If a firearm is a tool in your line of work would you not check to insure it's got one in the chamber before you go start the day?
  9. FS Buck BB gun by daisy

    compass in stock?
  10. Getting stuck on the pot

    I'm busted too.
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