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  1. Crossbow broadheads

    They worked for me this season. I was shooting and Excalibur 308 Shot crossbow .
  2. Bow Porn

    Excalibur 308 short
  3. I took the crossbow plunge.

    I've never "crocked" a compound type Xbox but mine isn't bad at all. In addition I can decock it without shooting.
  4. I took the crossbow plunge.

    New to crossbows as well. I went with an Excalibur 308Short with Rage Expandable 100gr Mechanical broadheads.. You will need a rangefinder if you don't have one. Mine came with an inexpensive Dead zone scope but once sighted in at 20 it's good all the way out to 60yds using each different...
  5. Let's talk Mechanical Broadheads

    Rage 2 blade
  6. Question/Advice on 2 Excalibur crossbows to purchase for beginner

    Seems like it took awhile to get on. Can you access it? Also look on the main Excalibur website. There's a section that covers all their older models as well. My buddy had an older model and got his thumb whacked really good. The new models are redesigned to protect that situation. This is...
  7. Question/Advice on 2 Excalibur crossbows to purchase for beginner

    I have an Excalibur 308 short. Great rig. I suggest you get on Crossbow Nation, its a forum with Excalibur section with some knowledgeable folks.
  8. My new rig-Excalibur

    It works!!!
  9. My new rig-Excalibur

    My first crossbow. Excalibur 308 Short. Will be out during small game season in search of hogs.
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