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  1. My Youngest Brother Please Pray.

    Prayers up Brother
  2. Prayers Needed

    Prayers up
  3. Prayers Needed please for my boy Hank

    Prayers up for your son Brother

    What Dinky said. I lost my son last May. Coming up on a year. Take care Brother.
  5. New user trust issues

    We all were new at one time. I mostly do face to face.

    Prayers up. I went through that this past March.
  7. Prayers for my family

    Prayers up
  8. In Need of Prayers

    Prayers inbound
  9. Prayers for my MIL needed.

    Prayers inbound
  10. Prayers For My Niece Needed

    Prayers inbound
  11. The Thunder Ranch facility is for sale

    I was there a few years ago. Beautiful place but way outta my price range
  12. Prayers Needed!

    Prayers inbound
  13. Wife’s Chihuahua was bitten by rattlesnake today.

    This copperhead bite my jack russel in the paw yrs ago. I dispatched it ( the snake)with a tomahawk. Treated the dog at home with Children’s Benadryl. 3 to 4 days later. Good as new. I did some research prior to my decision.
  14. Need Lots of Prayers Please . . .

    Prayers inbound
  15. FedEx is ****

    I’m at the point if they parachuted mine in and it got tangled in a tall pine tree I’d be happy just to know It arrived
  16. FedEx is ****

    I’m going through that nightmare waiting for my Rambo E bike. Shipped on the 12 April. Monday. 4 days later Tracking said it was going to be delivered That Thursday by the end of the day. Then the next day. Then pending. Then had also more delivery day notices . Then it went to Virginia, then...
  17. Captain ... prayers needed!!

    Prayers inbound
  18. The General's Hot Sauce

    My wife got me one for Christmas. It’s a mild one. I love it
  19. The Power of Prayer!!

    Amen brother. This is a good thread here
  20. Dead hawk in shed

    I’m guess his heart quit beating. We had a dead one in the warehouse section of our building a while back
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