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  1. Modifying AR feed ramps for 7.62x39mm

    I dremeled and polished my feed ramps, had a Superlative Arms Adj Gas block and CProducts mags turn a hard kicking jam-a-magic into a smooth running machine.
  2. New life for a 686 cs-1

    Looks great!
  3. Sheridan Airgun repair

    Me too
  4. Glock 48 mag release change

    It is the trickiest part to remove in a Glock. Swapped mine on my 43x. I’m assuming you got the Shield Arms mags!
  5. Glock trigger upgrade?

    Good choice on going OEM
  6. Can't get the ******* trigger pin out of a Glock 43. Help? Tips?

    Been a Glock Armor since 89- if your using a hammer just stop and find someone who knows what they are doing-inexperienced armorers are as guilty as u tube armorers in doing it wrong. Can't tell you how many times I've stopped other armorers with hammers in progress and wiggled it out.
  7. Savage Hog hunter optic question

    The sling is my homemade version of a V-tac. Here's the rig.
  8. Savage Hog hunter optic question

    Got a Millet DMS1 with an American Defense QD mount from an ODT member.The base is a Blackhawk 20MOA rail. Kinda big optic setup but for my use it's great. Quick target acquisition. Lighted reticle. I tested the QD mount and zero is still there when remounted so the irons are still an option...
  9. Savage Hog hunter optic question

    Would you mind posting a pic? Thanks
  10. Savage Hog hunter optic question

    I picked up a model 11 Hog Hunter 308 this week from Nonliberal-Love the iron sights. Shoots great, fast handling. I'm going to mount a scope. I already have a Leupold Vari x III with rings that was sitting on a picitinny rail. What sight set up are you guys using? One piece base or two? What...
  11. Frustrated!! - My S&W M&P AR Won't Cycle Reloads

    I just completed the S&W armorer course-How did you clean the gas system? According to the instructor- with the pressure going through if there's something in there it's going to come out-no need to oil or punch it out. The days of pipe cleaners and Q-tips are done. Is the gas tube intact?
  12. 10 Millimeter Madne$$ or did I screw it up?

    Outstanding work-Great to watch the project progress. . . . Hey I wore one of those steel pots USMC 80-84
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