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  1. So who all rides motorcycles?????

    59 years young. I don’t feel old. Longest day ride was 250 miles. To me it’s a pretty comfortable riding position No hassles on the tag.
  2. So who all rides motorcycles?????

    Yes. Near the main check station at Stamp Creek
  3. So who all rides motorcycles?????

    2015 Yamaha Bolt C-Spec
  4. Looking for a decent Ford dealer in NW GA

    My son works there (Marine Veteran). He’s has satisfied customers. I recommended him to another ODTer and he squared him away If interested pm me and I’ll put you in touch.
  5. Who Drives a MUSCLE Car - lets see'em

    72 Charger with 340 when I was a Jarhead - pic on Camp Lejuene 1981
  6. help me buy a van

    I have 2000 Chysler Town and country that's slightly rough but mechanically fine around 135kmiles if interested. . . .cheap
  7. 99 F150 heater Core shortcut?

    My heater cores done-Used a sealant leak that got me by for a while, eventually bypassed the core. My truck has over 200.000 so I don't want to put a fortune in the repair. Has anyone tried a 'hot knife" job and gone straight in to replace=-vs taking dash, dropping steering column etc I have a...
  8. kawasaki en450a

    I'd say dont do it unless you have a mechanic friend with a bike junkyard.
  9. Ford triton v8 skipping a cylinder. Info needed.

    My 99 F150 did that at right over 1K. Cant remember if the coils were swapped but definitely the plugs and wires. Now I'm over 2K so far so good. I got someone to do the job. One of the plugs seemed impossible to reach
  10. Old Junkyards

    Do you have to play to tour old car city?
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