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  1. Finally got it done. First hog!

    Congrats. Hopefully I’ll get one this year
  2. Copperhead strike

    I was going to snip a sapling and my hand was less than a foot from this guy- last week
  3. EBike’s and hunting

    Nice rig. What size motor did you get? I’d like one mostly for scouting in the off season. I generally go about 12 miles or so on my single speed Mtn bike. An E-bike would definitely increase my scouting range
  4. WMA Sign in not working?

    The one at Blue Car body Rd/Eastern Ave Yes-and the one on 278. Both no go
  5. WMA Sign in not working?

    I tried as well for Sheffield and Paulding Forest. No go. And they don’t have the clipboards at the Usual entrance location where they always had in the past at both locations.
  6. Tree rats and WMA question

    At Sheffield this weekend there was no clipboard to sign in which is required there.
  7. Pine log wma hogs

    If there weren’t regs unfortunately the area would probably get over hunted then there’d be nothing for anyone in a few years
  8. Pine log wma hogs

    They are definitely Out there. My buddies son in law saw a group out of range a few weeks ago. I’ve seen them out there on a few occasions. I killed one with a turkey load a while back. They roam around. No set location.
  9. Aug 15th= squirrels....anyone ready?

    My daughter and I went out to Paulding Forest yesterday and she got 2 with her ironsighted 10/22
  10. Aug 15th= squirrels....anyone ready?

    Finished with a 410
  11. Coyote hunt tonight.

    No coyotes?
  12. Coyote round up this weekend.

    Standing by for results as well. .. A 22lr loaded with cci quiets for backup might be handy as well
  13. Let's see those turkey guns!

    Pictured with a non turkey
  14. Mechanical Broadheads. Never again!!!!

    I shoot the rage, I shot the practice head and one real one. They are spot on with the field tips and they work.
  15. Pine Log hogs

    No furbear hunting in Pine Log however.. small game wpns only
  16. Pretty cool find while scouting today.

    What WMA is that on?
  17. Electric hunting bike

    I've used my Mtn bike on Oak St at Pine Log WMA when the gates closed. There is very little grade and a new coast on the way back.
  18. My 9 pointer!!!

  19. Suggestions on a coyote call

    I have this one and it works for me
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