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  1. Tenzing TCSP 14 shooters pack

    My Tenzing TCSP 14 has been on a few hunts now. I give it an all around thumbs up. It has plenty of room for gear storage. Good access to the 3 compartments I've been using the center channel (weapon carry feature)in the back center to carry my stool ( chair-not scat!). I'm a still hunter and...
  2. Flashlight store in Marietta

    Yep Going Gear
  3. Truglo sights experience?

    Was considering getting a truglo red dot sight for my 870. (Hunting not home defense)Anyone use one? Go or no go?
  4. (Beware) True spec sucks

    Try boot polish daily for a week and then see if its there. . .
  5. Klarus Flashlight XT11.. 89.99 from amazon..OMFG.

    I T&E'd one for our patrol rifles. I had one mounted on a semi-auto 308 (LAR8) ran 80 rds, and ran hundreds on a 5.56-It stood up to the recoil. Only the crenulated bezel fell off. (lock-tite may cure that). Great light We ended up with Surefires due to their lifetime warrant vs 2 years warrant...
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