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  1. Got my new camper installed on my truck

    So that's why I couldn't find the flex seal & flex tape at the hardware store...!
  2. While dead men may not tell tales, they sure can get a letter.

    Got an "Official" piece of government (state) mail today. It was addressed to my dad. Please take a look at the picture & let me know that I am not the only one that sees the stupid/moronic "Government Intelligence" in the wording of the letter. The "deceased loved one" mentioned in the...
  3. How far are you?

    At the moment I am roughly 220 miles from my hometown of Atlanta, GA. Now living in Pembroke, GA on land that has been in my family for 4 generations.
  4. If you have weak eyes, PLEASE don't look into this picture. lol....

    It seems someone finally got a square peg into a round hole. Now all it needs is a trip to the car wash & JUST a bit of turtle wax to be ready for the next SEMA show in Vegas..!
  5. Lemons…

    I need to make that the background screen for my computer.
  6. Taco holder…

    Just had a thought, What if you replaced the bulb/lens/cover in those lights with a red bulb/lens/cover? You then could theoretically double your taco holding time by using it at night...!
  7. Taco holder…

    All this time, I was using it to hold my sunglasses. No need for that anymore. Tacos before sunglasses is the new norm.
  8. Let's All Take a Moment, Please...

    Hey what about this "Tank"....?
  9. some of you MAY get it

    :ear: :ear: :ear: Sorry, can't hear what ya saying..!
  10. How was your week?

    Learn something new everyday...!
  11. Vegan burgers

    Fry that in some cooking oil & serve it next to some Mcdee's/BK & other brand fries and I don't think that there is much of a difference in taste or texture between any of them.
  12. Do you know your salads?

    These days as we get older, we all need to eat healthier. At least I think that is what my doctor said. So I decided to stop eating the caesar salad & instead opted for a low carb and gluten free salad along with a small beer. Hope my doctor approves my change of eating habits...!
  13. 3rd place on a list of a perfect pair of items to give your best friend.

    I would have given him the 1st and or the 2nd place selections, but then his wife might have shot both of us & the girls from the wait staff of the local wing shack/bar..!
  14. This is the best chicken you’ll ever eat I think.

    I think it was from a joke ad put out by KFC a few years ago. Here is the link that I found. https://mashable.com/article/kfc-clean-eating-burger Also:
  15. This is the best chicken you’ll ever eat I think.

    Could you reuse the drippings & crispy crackles to put in your diesel truck? Cause if it comes down to choosing between... This: And This: I couldn't give two s**ts over whether it's fried in Bacon grease, gas or diesel. For some people's cooking that I have had, diesel fuel might actually...
  16. Some of you….

    We never used a fancy container such as a coffee can. Mama & Grandma used a Mason Jar left over from canning. Besides, all our coffee came in bricks. Never mess with Mama or Grandma's cooking methods. You will end up with a big ass wooden spoon across your knuckles.
  17. Pulled over by a COP... lol

    No matter how fast (or slow they are) I go, I could never out run the cops. Most of them know me, my truck & where I live (and if they didn't, they know someone who does know). Me & my truck are like Bosco "B. A." Baracus & his 1983 GMC Vandura van.
  18. Sometimes you have to

    Fertilizer is expensive as hell these days. Gotta cut some corners in order to afford Taco Tuesdays..! :becky:
  19. World peace…..

    World Peace....? :confused2::confused2::confused2: Isn't that on the same shelf as Government Intelligence..? Often spoke of, but hardly ever presented with proof of.
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