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  1. ODT's worst nightmare is coming true

  2. 18yr old daughter is starting college and needs a self defense weapon. Guns on campus are out so what is the best self defense weapon?

    Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but how about a set of old car keys? Take 3 or 4 old ignition keys (late 80's or pre 1993 dodge ram/d150) & grind the tip a little bit. If you put them in your hand & have the tips between the knuckles so it will leave one hell of a mark or gouge the...
  3. I salute you !

    @BDR1 I agree. But if I may (as long as this thread is here) add my two cents. To my father, grandfather(s) (R.I.P.), grandmother (R.I.P.), uncle & great-grandfather(s) (R.I.P.) & my friends I grew up with..... THANK YOU & I HOPE I HAVE NOT & WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU...!
  4. I’m 50 today

  5. I’m 50 today

    Congrats on reaching 50 and kudos on the family. I'm celebrating my 46th today. Didn't get as lucky as you in the family department. But, hey at least both my feet are above the dirt...! Enjoy the birthday with the family. :party: :music: :thumb:
  6. My new favorite bbq joint....

    I just realized about that pawn shop's location a week or so ago. I can't how many times I've driven to Thomasville and passed both Fallin's & the pawn shop. It's a bit of a joke in my circle of family/friends that I've never used gps or a map to get to places that I'm going. I use the locations...
  7. My new favorite bbq joint....

    Damn it @troutman , you gonna get me in trouble. I'll be in Thomasville for Christmas and now I am gonna get some flack for suggesting something other than dried -BLEEPED- turkey for Christmas dinner. Oh well, at least I'll be well fed...! :hungry:
  8. Daughter had the baby this morning ;)

    :pray2: :thumb: Congrats to all :thumb: :pray2:
  9. Gonna Need 2 GOOD Homes ...

    :pray2: Blessings to the new pups & sorry about the loss of the mom pup. :pray2: May those that need punishment get it in the best way possible!
  10. Tell me this is fake news

    I guess the Gordy family (The Varsity owners) have gotten tired of the Athens, GA location. The Atlanta Varsity is not the one slated to be torn down. https://flagpole.com/news/city-dope/2021/05/12/landmark-restaurant-the-varsity-is-about-to-be-torn-down/
  11. Getting skull f|%*++#% atThe Vortex

    :party: :thumb: :very_drunk: Happy birthday to the daughter!
  12. Sitting here thinking , Who has never been called for Jury Duty?

    Got called for jury selection once about 15 yrs ago. 5 hours of sitting around roughly 50-60 others waiting to be called into a courtroom to answer a bunch questions from some lawyers (voir dire) and got dismissed after 2 hrs of questions in the courtroom. So, 5 hrs sitting around + crappy...
  13. See anything wrong with this ammo?

    :doh: :frusty: Where there is something for sale, there is always a buyer. Usually the stupider they are, the more they will pay!
  14. Funeral Today Thanks all

    :pray2::pray2::pray2: Prayers sent & peace be with those in need!
  15. 5/1 Update* Need neighbor advice

    In a case like this, time is your enemy. Get advice from a lawyer in real estate/property law. DO NOT WAIT, but do be civil in all interactions with the neighbor.
  16. Housing market is the wild wild west. Any real-estate fellas on here?

    This is good advice. When my father took a job up north in PA back in 1990, he couldn't find a place that was good enough (i.e. not a piece of crap). There was a place that was within 2 blocks of my dad's new job (central PA) and the owner had gone into a assisted living home. The kids put the...
  17. Lost the one who got me into guns today

    :pray2::pray2::pray2: It may not seem like it, but it does get a little easier as time goes by. Just be sure to always keep those you've lost in your heart. 10 years have gone by since I lost both my grandfathers to heart issues. I still find myself looking skyward when it storms (they both...
  18. Coffee

    Been there, done that & dealt with it by daring them to deny they haven't done the same before. Many moons ago, I worked a small time grocery store & the manager decided that some of the stock was bad (blonde & no brains). She had me THROW OUT over $500.00+ worth of coffee (various brands). I...
  19. Coffee

    Been drinking Folgers, Maxwell House or Hills Bros for a long time. Mostly it's whatever I can get. Two types that I will not try is the Mermaid branded company (bad experience in travelling thru Seattle) & I heard that there is a coffee made from the beans that some monkeys eat then leave...
  20. If you get a moment

    :pray2::pray2: Enroute :pray2::pray2:
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