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  1. Anyone recognize this head stamp..?

    Again, thanks for the prayers from @renagadeinjun and @BLIP and any others I may fail to mention later.
  2. Anyone recognize this head stamp..?

  3. Anyone recognize this head stamp..?

    Thanks to all. Thats what I thought. Just wanted to be sure before I may list it. Wasn't so sure about the K in the stamp. Only German I could ever recall is the German I heard while watching old reruns of Hogan's Heroes.
  4. Anyone recognize this head stamp..?

    My dad has unfortunately received some medical news that no one wants to hear. That being said, he has asked me to go thru his collection and either keep what I want and then sell the rest however I see fit. While going thru his ammo, I came across some that I am unable to identify. I think it...
  5. Need a little help with a S&W model 66-1

    Thanks for the heads up on the cone. I gave a glance at the cone and it appears to be in very good shape. But, being the type person I am (seemed to sometimes be a magnet for trouble). I will be taking it to a gunsmith friend who has worked a few of my guns that I got used just to be safe.
  6. Need a little help with a S&W model 66-1

    You might be right, but he ain't never picked another 357 since that day. That is until about 40 minutes ago when he got it back all cleaned up.
  7. Need a little help with a S&W model 66-1

    Several years back me & my dad had a friendly bet over a college football game. He lost and the deal was he had to give up his Ruger Security-Six to me. I think it's about time to "re-gift" (for lack of a better term) it back to him. Especially since I got this score & a 686 w/ a 5in barrel a...
  8. Need a little help with a S&W model 66-1

    Found a Smith and Wesson model 66-1 in .357mag today on my birthday (46th). Yes, I bought & no it's not going up for sale. What I did not know till I got home was that it has the GA State Patrol symbol(?) etched/engraved into. Anyone have any info on these 66-1's value/rarity/???. serial # is...
  9. Favorite 22lr pistol?

    Got lucky, I guess. I frequent many of the pawn shops around statesboro/hinesville area and have for several years even before I moved back down here. I saw that it was on clearance at a shop in statesboro & asked about it. They said that a previous buyer brought it back while saying it would...
  10. Favorite 22lr pistol?

    I've looked at a couple of different 22 pistols (revolver, semi-auto, etc.) in a couple of shops. I would have to say my favorite is my ruger sr22, but then again I am biased since I only payed 50+ tax for it..!
  11. Am I an asshole for not wanting to take PayPal payments?

    Nope. Got screwed by paypal years ago when I was young/dumb enough to buy some things on ebay. Let me clarify my response. Paypal of old is in my mind full of you know what. These days the process most likely has changed. But for now, it's still no.
  12. Oldest firearm you own?

    I posted here the other day about my dad's old Ruger Security-Six in .357 that he gave me. But that was before I found what I believe to be a 1970 S&W model 10-5 in .38 S&W Special CTG. She needs a little be of work on some minor issues, but she shoots just fine. And again it goes without...
  13. Oldest firearm you own?

    Early to mid 70's Ruger Security Six in .357. I know it's older than 1976, cause it was my dad's and he had purchased it before I was born in January of 1976. And NO, it ain't never gonna be for sale. Dad gave it to me as a college graduation present.
  14. How much trade/sell value at a retail shop?

    I've been in and out (as a buyer) at most of the local pawn shops for the last several years for fishing gear/guns/movies/etc. The few times I've sold them something the average is around 30-40% of retail (as some here have said), they tend to give me a slightly better percentage (bout 45% or so...
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