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  1. Gerber Shorty

    Some the knives I have, the handle is called a "gator grip". But, I'm sure your knife is older than anything I got. Have you tried ebay or amazon? Maybe even try sending a request for help to gerber?
  2. Gerber Shorty

    Ouch, how the hell did that happen? I own several Gerber knives, but none like what you're looking for. Would appreciate any info on the knife that you have (to expand my info/knowledge of Gerber's). In my travels, I tend to make stops at just about every pawn shop that I run across. I've...
  3. Knife in your pocket today?

    YES, that's what I was trying to say! I just couldn't from :pound::pound::pound:so damn much. Much respect to AL for having the :hail:cojones :hail: to post that pic!
  4. Knife in your pocket today?

    AL, AL, AL.....:doh: :bolt::cool-new:
  5. Knife in your pocket today?

    Gerber 450. Yard sale find several years ago. Ugly as it can be, previous owner is responsible for the scar marks. Got it for a $1. It's never failed to cut anything. Only had to put a little oil on the hinge when I got it and fix the the dull edge. Worked ever since.
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