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  1. Sks question

    Some pictures would help I'm sure for any resident experts. You can double the price right now with the prices people are asking for everything. I would give you $200 sight unseen though. LOL
  2. CMP 1911 lottery

    That’s what I chose. I have my number now and should be good for next year, but I don’t want to receive a mis-matched pistol. I’m having second thought about ordering when my number is called.
  3. CMP 1911 lottery

    Do you know what quality level he selected when he ordered, $1100 was top quality.
  4. CMP 1911 lottery

    Both my Father in Law and I sent in applications and we haven’t heard the first word back. I have also thought about paying the $1050 and not knowing what I’ll get. I’ve heard from some on the CMP Forum they received the pistol and they are a mix of branded slides and grips. I dont see how that...
  5. Finnish M27-my best find on the ODT Yet!

    Thanks, yes I'm very glad to have it. It's very different than a Mosin in several ways; plus I was wanting a hex receiver.
  6. Finnish M27-my best find on the ODT Yet!

    Just got this 1939 Finnish M-27 today at a great price. I spent the last few hours cleaning it and put it back together. The bluing is fantastic, only a few light spots I had to steel wool under the stock It has matching numbers, never counter bored, the bore needed to be brushed and cleaned to...
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