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  1. From MSN News this morning about another Sig lawsuit on the P320

    I believe I am correct in saying that Sig has won all of these lawsuits so far. No one has been able to duplicate this supposed issue with these pistols. In addition, almost all of the discharges happened around holstering the pistol. I think this a case of a poor craftsman blaming his tool...
  2. Girsan P35 Match

    Anyone have one of these or an opinion on this brand/model? I see good things about the brand(value-wise) and I really want to try that flat trigger. Looks to have fiver optic front sight and driftable rear. Seems like a good value for $600...
  3. Appendix carry..

    I love this one. It has Kydex between layers of leather to give a rigidity but with a leather look and feel. Also, there is a very comfortable padding on the back.
  4. Anybody heard of LOCKLEATHER HOLSTERS

    I really like JM4 tactical paddle holsters. Check em out. The magnet ones are cool but haven't tried carrying one yet. I have moved away from IWB and love a paddle better.
  5. Impractical/obsolete firearms you can’t shake the desire to buy

    I do too..LOL. It was a 45-110. Here you go. The rifle is pricey, and the ammo is about $20/Round.
  6. old/antique 270 ammo?

    People do collect old ammo. What is it worth, I don't know but imagine you could get $20/box. I am interested if you can ship it. I will just use them as a cool decoration.
  7. Extended mag release question...

    Good points, I figured something like this.
  8. Extended mag release question...

    Long fingers and short thumbs. 😉 do they make an extended break open lever for my shotgun?
  9. Extended mag release question...

    What percentage of people do you think could/would utilize the advantage of an extended mad release? I have a feeling that the majority of people would do better with extended release. That being said, it seems common sense that manufacturers would make those standard on all their handguns and...

    How often do they win?
  11. EAA Releases Double Stack Witness2311® by Girsan

    And they make it in the Lord’s caliber as well, 10mm. I’m in.
  12. I need an Atlanta dealer to ship a firearm to an FFL / Gunsmith because UPS and FedEx suck

    UPS has changed their rules, have you shipped since then? Also, if they lose or damage it you will have to divulge to them what was in the package for the claim. At that point, they will decline your claim on the basis of the fact you violated their rules. So, I wouldn't waste money on the...
  13. Browning O/U vs Beretta O/U aka Over Under Chat

    Give it a few years and you will get back there.
  14. What gun are you most proud to own?

    Without a doubt, my fathers Browning A5. 30” Full choke. He would take it into Hatchie Bottom and hunt ducks all alone. When he was about 14 years old he set his mind to buy a Browning. Back before it was a logo and status symbol brand. My grandfather took him to the local bank and the bank...
  15. Best Budget Blaster?

    Nevermind. I misread.
  16. Best Budget Blaster?

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