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  1. Distilled water shortage...

    I’ll just leave this here
  2. Large Beavers and Coyotes - Come trap them - PLEASE!

    What part of the state are you in?
  3. New B-21 Raider revealed tonight....

    Why a government would make the purchase of super secret stealth bombers major news is beyond me. To many mouths flapping about what our military is capable of. This kind of thing sickens me.
  4. I got a fever

    You’re doing all of the right things. Keep it up and your body will take care of the rest most likely
  5. The man that shot the Texas school shooter, the real Hero

    So did this guy change his hat and shirt before going to the hospital?
  6. I guess you can't fight it off forever.

    Sounds like you’ve got the perfect setup. A very unique opportunity that most dads don’t get. You get to watch them together and watch the boy being raised. If they end up together you’ll have an intimate knowledge about your potential son in law that most dads don’t get the opportunity to see...
  7. I got a little curious and I just wanted to see what it felt like...don't judge me

    It’s a tool in the toolbox just like every other gun. Some like it some don’t.
  8. When the label says Moonshine…

    When it has a label it ain’t moonshine. Never had alcoholic pickles though. Interesting idea.
  9. Anyone know any good vodka.?.

    Zubrowka is the best vodka I’ve ever had.
  10. Duluth Trading Company - Good or Junk?

    Best of quality
  11. Best O/C or pepper spray?

    POM Spray is pretty good stuff. It’s also designed to actually be carried and accessed quickly.
  12. Dads wisdom...

    “You can’t jump higher than your d***”
  13. Dehydrator Suggestions?

    I’ve had the Hamilton Beach 32100a for a year and a half. Made tons of jerky on it and it works pretty well.
  14. The last time government came for your guns..........

    What do abortion clinics have to do with the government confiscating guns? The government doesn’t do abortions.
  15. Where do you buy your gold/silver?

    For those of you that like to keep some gold on hand or buy silver coins, I was just wondering if you know of a good dealer or pawn shop to buy from.
  16. Air Force dumped remains of 274 troops in landfill

    Unidentifiable? They can fly pilotless planes but they can't figure out DNA testing?! BS!!!
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