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  1. Flat tire

    Carrying a plug kit and a air compressor, saves you the trouble.
  2. Are You???

    Definitely will.
  3. Early voting question

    That's the downside of e-voting.
  4. Why did this timing belt fail at only 60k miles?

    I totally agree with this. Factory belts are always reliable compared to that of Aftermarket.
  5. Toyota Oil Canister Help Please

    I also use this and it always does the trick.
  6. Socks

    I am looking for a good durable all year round sock. I am on my feet all day every day. Am tired of going through socks all the time. Guess a better question would be, does anyone even make a durable sock that's not 15 or 30 bucks a pair? Any ideas would be fantastic.
  7. How do you wash and store your hunting clothes?

    Well...This is informative.
  8. Anyone else tired?

    That makes both of us. i've been tired for as long as i can remember.
  9. Does anyone else put cheese in coffee?

    It's just you, but now i'm curious.
  10. Scope choices

    You should give Leupold a try.
  11. Recommendation for black dress watch

    Here's another vote for Tissot.
  12. What are you drinking right now!?

    So what are YOU drinking right now? I'm easy, so i'm drinking my favorite beer.... Busch Light. How about you?
  13. Anyone here like (or remember) MANWICH?

    The sloppy joe mix from Aldi is my favorite.
  14. Can you old guys do math?

    Very well said:yo:
  15. What's the point of a Ak/Ar15 pistol

    I totally agree with THIS^^
  16. Showing your age if you have to Google this

    WOAW...That's impressive.
  17. Upcoming EDC/Survival kits made by me

    You took the words right out of my mouth.
  18. Scope recommendations

    The bushnell 1.5-4.5 are pretty reasonable for a lever gun.
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