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  1. neighbors drive on my land

    ^^ Well, an easement is actually a surrender of your property rights for the piece of land in question. But you could stipulate what the terms are of the sale and uses of the easement, if agreed upon.
  2. Scam or legit?

    "All of the university and government geologists from the southeast are astonished that the sinkhole in the back yard stopped expanding last month. Should be on the market in about 2 weeks. Leave me your number."
  3. neighbors drive on my land

    If it doesn't really impact your land, just sell it to him an move on. Also, a consistently and frequently used piece of land for such a thing as a driveway that has been used for several years, even for far less than seven, could be ruled in the favor of the violator by a judge. They do have...
  4. Gunbroker

    Thanks for the info...
  5. Gunbroker

    Quick question. Does one need to be a "member" of Gunbroker to see Closed Sales/Auctions?
  6. You would think after 10 years everybody would have heard

    It's a lot more tolerable than when it was 55 max, the whole way, back when I was a GA Southern...
  7. Name A Surprising Food You’ve Never Tried

    Who knows what they'll make us eat in the re-education camps!
  8. Best fried shrimp in Savannah?

    Man, y'all are killin' me with this talk/pics! I feel the need to fry some midnight seafood. If you're near Tybee, Stingray's on the main drag has great shrimp and the crab stew is incredible...
  9. Any idea what this is?

    Left - handed smoke blower.
  10. Happy .3/08 Day!

    Maaaaaan, some people have the coolest things on their night-stands in case of trouble...
  11. Another guy from Macon

  12. Wild Dogs Attack! - Jackson County hunter fought for his life against three large dogs

    Sounds a little iffy. Most folks I know won't even go fishing without a sidearm, much less a trek into the woods. Probably out there planting his weed.
  13. I miss listening to records

    I read last week that vinyl outsold CDs by 4-1 last year.
  14. The Moon Tonight (02/06/2023)

    Ice crystals at very high elevations. Doesn't happen too often.

    Well, if the new Magnum is a midget, at least the Ferrari is taken care of...
  16. Gun show parking lot find

    Awesome! Too bad you have to pawn it to buy .410 from the neckbeards...

    If you have a problem. No one else can help. And if you can find them. Maybe you can hire..... someone else. Actually, I'd probably watch that!
  18. King Of The Hill revival

    One of my favorite Hank lines: "When did it become racist in America to hate a man because he's a jackass"? Dale is my fav, though...
  19. There goes the price of Ammunition….

    Oh my God! It's the Children of the Corn!
  20. What is this medallion?

    It's the secret pass to Epstein's Island...
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