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  1. Switching from Glock to Wheelgun for church protection team

    I went to my LGS and they were very accommodating and let me try out most of the pistols in the case. I settled on a Ruger Security 9 with 15+1 rounds in 9mm. It racks easily enough but the magazine is a bit of work to load but I have ordered a mag loader (used my Glock loader to fill the...
  2. Best investment I ever made for car maintenance

    I think my brake spoon is still in my oldest tool box. Adjusted many a brake with that back in the 50's.
  3. Item Gone: FS SPM

    How many magazines?
  4. Spot price and premiums

    Also when buying from sellers like JMBullion or Providence it makes a huge difference in the way you pay. It can vary between ACH/Check/Wire is the cheapest, next is Crypto and most expensive is PayPal or Credit Card. On a one ounce bar that can be the difference of $30.30 for ACH or $31.56...
  5. Switching from Glock to Wheelgun for church protection team

    Good morning and Happy Monday. Thanks for all the good input. A little about my background. I retired from the US Air Force in 1992 after 23 years. I spent time in Vietnam and leaned to fight for my life. I dislike harming another person but if you come to my church with violence on your...
  6. Switching from Glock to Wheelgun for church protection team

    I have carried a Glock 30S in .45 ACP for quite a few years. I am on my church self defense team and have qualified well with the Glock. I recently found, due to advancing age and lack of strength in my primary hand that I had difficulties clearing a stove pipe jam and then found I could not...
  7. Who has that in stock? (retail vendors) | Please read first post before replying

    Looking for a Ruger Mini-14 in .223 with wood stock, new or lightly used, preferably in the Douglasville, Hiram, Dallas areas as time and ability to travel preclude shopping further out.
  8. What are you buying on sale?

    Constitutional silver, been buying since it was 2 times face. Quit but held when the Hunt brothers blew it up to 35 or so times face. Started back at 6 times face and still buy. Last buy was 18 times face. Eyeing some at 21 times now. Silver doesn't rust and it doesn't eat and it doesn't...
  9. ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet - May 6, 2023 - Cobb County Civic Center

    There was a tremendous amount of effort put forth in putting this show on. It went very smoothly and that is testimony of the folks putting it on making sure that everything worked just like it should. I appreciate the effort that went into putting this one on and the one last year too. There...
  10. Any ‘Legend of Zelda’ fans?

    But when you finally figure out how to put the papers in the box and light the fire with the match and jump into the bucket and take off in the hot air balloon and then toss the rope and go into the room where the zorkmids are and they you are rich beyond on your wildest dreams.
  11. Any ‘Legend of Zelda’ fans?

    I'm old enough to remember my Commodore 64 and Zork I, II and III. Text adventure games that took hours and days to get through. I was king of the computers when I had two disc drives and a 300 baud modem. Could call a computer on the phone, when one answered I would unplug the handset and...
  12. Revolver Carry?

    We had a nice lady from church join us at the gun show. She is about my age (advancing on 73) and she wanted a semi-auto to replace her wheel gun. She shopped around and found what she though she like but she couldn't rack the slide. Nice seller talked to her about it and her options and she...
  13. The ODT is ruined

    What??? He had then on clearance price and you passed???? How can that be? There were some smoking really good deals and some that I had to step back from but over all it was a great show. Best part of the show was getting to see people we hadn't seen in a long time and got to chit chat...
  14. ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet - May 6, 2023 - Cobb County Civic Center

    You are one of the good ones. We always enjoy talking to you and a whole lot of the rest of the crew. I wouldn't say we know a lot, it's more like we know different. I grew up in Atlanta and Mableton and then one day I was yanked out of all I knew and sent off to strange places to learn...
  15. ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet - May 6, 2023 - Cobb County Civic Center

    Don't even think of putting them in Braille, I almost lost a tooth trying to read a Braille tee shirt.
  16. The ODT is ruined

    Funny thing, early in the day, people came by and looked at us. We were next to last row and the booth next to us was empty, the next table was empty, our table, then the next two were empty. The booth got designated trading tables which was good. But people walked by and ask what was wrong...
  17. What are you bringing to the ODT show Saturday

    I was pretty much chained to the table most of the time and never got a really good chance to shop around. Next year I'll pass on the table and bring my wagon for shopping. Someone had some silver bars and such. If you are close to Douglasville and let me know who you are we might be able...
  18. What did you get at yesterday

    I keep my high school condom in mine, been there since 1968 but ready just in case.
  19. Lost Money at ODT show

    When you are ready, PM me his email address. I only use paypal but can send through friends and family at no cost to him. Give me the email and the go ahead and I'll send some.
  20. ODT Gun Show & Swap Meet - May 6, 2023 - Cobb County Civic Center

    Thanks for the kind words. I knew him in high school when he was dating my daughter and then he joined the Navy and spent a lot of time at Guantanemo and then on sea duty. Their last posting was 5 years in California and I got to spend some time with them before they left and then when they...
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