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  1. Your thoughts on receiver's please

    I use Wilson Combat for all my builds now and they work out great and have all been excellent finish and fit!
  2. Brunswick stew, pretty danged good!

    My dad always made stew as I was growing up an I remember them using hog head in it as well! Us d to go to cannery and make about 100 gallons and can . Did this ever 3 years and I learned from him how to make it.
  3. Your favorite taco topping?

    Gacamole and pico de gallo with some jalapeño’s thrown in! Place in Anderson SC called poppas and beer has a salsa bar with about 20 different items and some great food also. We go over and eat about once a month! I load up on the salsa especially the hot ones!

    Welcome to the jungle!
  5. RESPECT - Navajo Code Talkers

    Great post!
  6. Glad to be here!

    Welcome to the jungle!
  7. Female passenger pissed she can’t drive

    Cute! Great picture!
  8. Crazy sign…..

    😝 Lol! Somebody screwed up!
  9. Whats everyone doing for Memorial Day?

    Going to Church in morning and laying around house watching some tv with the two little dogs after lunch!
  10. stuck

    Good call! Lol!
  11. Caption this parking fiasco

    If you’re going to screw up, do it in a way as to where everyone wonders how you did that!
  12. Marriage Advice Consequences….

    Yep! Lol!
  13. Music for my soul

    Been listening to U2 and BB “When love comes to town”. He’s one of the Greatest!
  14. Loss of a friend and member

    Sorry to hear about Austin’s passing! Praying for Gods Blessings and Peace for family and friends!
  15. Prayers for Pops.

    Praying for Gods Blessings and a complete healing!
  16. Special anonymous request for a member who lost a dear friend

    Praying for Gods Blessings and Peace!
  17. Mother's day special for the wife

    Looks good! My wife always loved Hamburger with gravy and onions on rice or creamed taters. She said her mother used to fix it with biscuits and taters a lot as there was 13 children and they had to watch the spending to feed everyone! Pretty good eats to me!
  18. Wife is mad again!

    Any talk with a woman is like a test you didnt study for! lol!
  19. Bob wasn't very smart

    😝 lol!
  20. Anyone you know

    I believe I know that guy! Lol!
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