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  1. Oysters

    I go square one in Athens about once a morning and eat 3 dozen of the Virginia oysters on half shell with horseradish and Tabasco sauce. Going to Hilton Head for a week in November and will eat a bunch while there and play a round of golf.
  2. North East GA  FS Remington 280 core lokt

    Item Name: FS Remington 280 core lokt Location: Royston Zip Code: 30662 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $65.00 Caliber: Other Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Have 6 boxes of Remington 140 grain core-lokt tipped new ammo. $65.00 box or $340.00 for all...
  3. Fast service…

    I resemble that! Lol
  4. RIP Joe Lunati

    R.I.P Joe!
  5. Grant's Lounge, Macon, Georgia

    Good to hear that a good place to enjoy a great evening out still exists in Macon. I’ve been member at American Legion in Lexington for last 15 years or so and been going for a lot longer , great band on dance nights and great steaks every Thursday night! Never any problems there .
  6. New, but it feels like home.

    Welcome to the jungle!
  7. New kinda

    Welcome to the Jungle!
  8. I am this old….

    Good ole days are gone for good I’m afraid! Nothing cheep anymore!
  9. It's time as I noticed you lugs have given me almost 55k likes

    In 3 as first responder (Deputy Sheriff) and thanks!
  10. It's time as I noticed you lugs have given me almost 55k likes

    In two as supporter and thanks!
  11. Parts falling out…

    They just don’t make them like they used to!
  12. Worst recoiling gun you've shot.

    Winchester 70 in 338 mag ! It was tougher than my 375 H&H and 458 win mag ! Don’t understand why but it kicks something awful! It broke 2 rear scope ring mounts before I changed to duel dovetail Burris steel rings and bases. I just look at it now and leave it in vault.
  13. New ODT member here!

    Welcome to the jungle!
  14. Today was the day

    Happy birthday! Praying that’s you have many more!
  15. Sprelling guud

  16. First place winner for being the most embarrassed goes to this person…

    Dang! That’s reason I only go places I can drive!
  17. This is the kind of democrat shyte we have to deal with in Bibb....

    Instead of more prisons we need bigger cemeteries! You execute these kind of thugs and no more repeat offenders! Also telecast the execution and it gives other criminals the idea that they might should charge their way of life!
  18. 'Mater sammiches....

    Tomato sandwiches rock! As a kid we would let them sit in fridge about hour and get soggy before eating! Never had time for them to sit after got married and worked 80 hour weeks!
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