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  1. Ammo Giveaway ***WINNER!!!***

    In please. Would love some mini mags. Thanks.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway **Winner**

    In please. Happy thanksgiving! Thank you for the opportunity.
  3. Deer Hunting Season... !! 100 pounds of Corn GIVEAWAY

    I’d like to be in please. Thanks for the chance to win and for your generosity.
  4. 700 bars of soap Giveaway….

    In please. Very generous. Thanks.
  5. ***Winners Picked*** 2,500th Post Giveaway

    In please. Thanks for the opportunity
  6. *****WINNER CHOSEN*********CRKT Drifter Knife Giveaway in Honor of my 2,000+ Reactions

    In for first responder. Thanks for your generosity!
  7. 1,000 Likes Giveaway! Updated.

    In please
  8. Happy Easter giveaway - @gak9 winner

    In please
  9. .......

    In please
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