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  1. School me on accurate rifles.

    Zen. Magic. Using a certain ammo. I dont know how to describe it. But when it happens it’s special.
  2. Butchering your own deer

    Wish he showed the grinding process…that damn silver skin drives me crazy.
  3. Oops.

    Hate to see that. Get well soon.
  4. Item Relisted! FS S&W500 magnum

  5. 9/14 pm

    Just make sure to avoid eye contact lol…I’m serious.
  6. 9/14 pm

    Nah. Tell the stories lol.
  7. 9/13 Hunt

    He is a happy camper lol. I’ll take partial credit as I sighted in his BAR last week lol.
  8. 9/13 Hunt

    My brother. Late this afternoon. “Hi Tines” is down. Gwinnett.
  9. 9/11: What really happened

    The same people who have left our borders wide open, used the IRS and DOJ to silence their critics, left Afganistan billions in weapons, are using fake climate change data to destroy our civilization as we know it and who just perpetuated the biggest single psych op in history…they are the same...
  10. 9/11: What really happened

    I’m amazed by the trust intelligent people place in a government that constantly and consistently lies to them every chance it gets…
  11. 9/11: What really happened

    You are citing a GOVERNMENT website? For me to believe? Are they like or related to the NIH, or maybe the sacred CDC? Or maybe the IRS, DOJ, FBI, etc? Surely they all tell the truth all the time right?
  12. 9/11: What really happened

    Are you kidding? Our “politicians “ are idiots. Puppets. The people behind them that pulled off the recent Covid hoax, propaganda event, test of population control, psych ops? They are devious, smart and completely evil mfr’s. So back in the late 90’s if you wanted to strip Americans of many...
  13. 9/11: What really happened

    Bldg 7 collapse destroys the government narrative. After that, anything possible. All I know is that the event was used to begin unnecessary foreign wars and to steal the freedom of innocent citizens. All using fear. You know, sorta like the Covid thing?
  14. Worst recoiling gun you've shot.

    .475 Linebaugh single action pistol is a handful…
  15. Which one of y'all belongs to Felony Felicia?

    Oregon. Ok. I feel better now.
  16. Any of y'all ever get great advice from your dad?

    Interesting reads here about dads...and sons. Sadly, father wounds cut the deepest and we all have them in some degree or another. Also sad the the truth is “wounded people wound others”…which, in this arena, means that we tend to hurt our sons like our father hurt us. We pass down generational...
  17. Item Gone: FS/FT Ruger M77

    One of the best guys on the ODT here folks...and that’s one fine looking Ruger.
  18. Item Gone: FS/FT Christensen Arms Ridgeline 22-250

    I’ll take it Bill. Sent you a pm earlier.
  19. Liberty gives access to their safes but there are no back door master codes

    What the real issue here is…not a safe company. It’s jackbooted government thugs arresting law abiding American citizens for participating in a non-violent protest of a stolen election. It’s using the American justice and law enforcement agencies to spy on and falsely arrest innocent people…who...

    Anybody dealt with these folks? Gtg?
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