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  1. Stop overpriced buying

    Lol, Just bought another Zpap 7.62x39 rifle $999+tax, I love rainy days! No work and gunstore shopping it is! Plenty of ammo on hand there too! Patience pays! Oh ammo is pre covid non flipper prices too!
  2. Stop overpriced buying

    Lol this is getting really good! Giving me something to read this evening lol
  3. Stop overpriced buying

    No shipping and that’s good price these days for local buy! Have purchased over 2500 rounds in last 3-4 weeks and I’m sure probably more then most people are getting 5 miles from there house lol. I don’t need ammo as all this I get goes to my friends that can’t get to gunstore and no money to be...
  4. Stop overpriced buying

    Just got this 3 weeks ago HK sp5 $2499 +tax hell I almost bought the ptr also for $1800 LOL. People want $4000 + on here good luck!
  5. Stop overpriced buying

    Look I know it has rail up front but still not worth $1700 in trade period in my opinion it’s not a Bulgarian sam7 priced gun either. Glws
  6. Stop overpriced buying

    Different stock that’s it
  7. Stop overpriced buying

    I have plenty of vepr, saiga, 107,104,106 and some opap bought back in the day so I know pricing. Ak will never go under $1000 anymore I would say.
  8. Stop overpriced buying

    If people take there time and put in email info they will get one, I have bought two with one in gunstore for $999 +tax so patience pays!
  9. Stop overpriced buying

    Cha Ching 15 minutes ago, Two 300rd packs $99 a piece
  10. Stop overpriced buying

  11. Stop overpriced buying

    People trying to get $1500 + for Zastava rifles come on man I have bought two at $999 and $1049 in last week, For 9 mm it’s not $1.00 rd not .50 cents a round. I just bought 700 rds last week for .38 cents a round so people quit buying everyone overpriced stuff!! We are not losing our guns and...
  12. Ga Gun Store Won't Sell to Flippers

    Thats Right I stand behind There decision...
  13. Ga Gun Store Won't Sell to Flippers

    lol I assure you they not worried about sales..
  14. Free advice on Real ammo prices

    Bingo!! The winner is Dirty J !!
  15. Free advice on Real ammo prices

    This was taken today so all you trying to scare people into panic buying and keep buying flipped ammo here you go!! 9mm was in stock this morning $13.99 box so get over yourself and your ammo is not gold lol.
  16. Free Advice

    Yes he did! First 2 years and that’s how he passed Obama **** care! Went after gun control on second term because has nothing to lose! And still didn’t accomplish it! We did lose Russian imports on guns through Executive Order which was bad and I’m afraid that’s what is coming with Biden to be...
  17. Free Advice

    Did Obama get our guns!? Nope it’s just a bill not law! Geez! I’m sure we possibly might see something like being taxed or universal background checks Maybe that’s it! Gun control **** been going on since damn 1930s.
  18. Free Advice

  19. Ammo Flippers/Scalpers Public Service Announcement

    I saw 25 people waiting to get in-line to buy ammo in Gainesville academy lol the other morning! I can’t even buy a box of hunting ammo because of these ammo flipping ****s! People need to quit buying this inflated priced ammo and it will all stop.
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