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  1. Steal on a rear tine tiller

    Friggin carbs in all my bikes atvs mowers get anything with an engine gets clogged year by year. I actually started user a slingblade this year. I miss the days of livestock power.
  2. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

    Those old SMG and Roler-locks eat them just fine.
  3. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

    I guess the days of getting my case of smelly coated 9mm from SGAMMO FOR $130 to my door isn't back yet. :frown:
  4. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Mauser - Polish

    Is that like a 7 or 8mm?
  5. Back and Forth on FRT's

  6. Item Relisted! FT Zastava M91 7.62x54R DMR

  7. Item Relisted! FS Lots of Ammo for sale

    Prayers for the family. Bump for good cause.
  8. Item Gone: FS 1970 Chevy Classic C10 Truck

  9. Item Gone: FS/FT WASR-10 AK

  10. Estate sale score on the down low.

    I got $850 now in this auction.
  11. Item Gone: FS Arsenal Slr 105

    Love mine.
  12. Item Gone: FS 1978 Romarm SA/Cugir PSL

  13. Iris xxxxxs in bloom

  14. Item Gone: FS 240 rounds of 30-06 from ww2

  15. Whats it worth?

    Well done
  16. What's your poison?

    Vodka while watching mud wrestling.
  17. USGI mags

  18. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

    Spied 28gauge & box of 45/70 at Oakwood Walmart..
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