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  1. A question about suppressors and back order...

    Bearing all this in mind OP. I'm a Thinderbeast convert. Their cans are expensive but the fit and finish are better than any can on the market and they are super lightweight and quiet. The only downsides are they are gassy on semi autos and aren't super high fire volume cans. You won't be sorry...
  2. A question about suppressors and back order...

    Brand change to Dead Weight coming soon. Is KG still making them or is that the reason quality is in the pooper?
  3. Oops.

    Rub a little dirt on it. Good as new
  4. Do you keep auto maintenance records?

    Cars being the **** investment they are, I have no intention of selling. Run it into the ground and buy a new one when something big goes boom. Oil changes by manufacturer intervals, fix things before they break if possible. Otherwise let it chooch.
  5. Army Marksmanship Unit match grade ammo requirements for 6.8x51mm

    Bi metal case to run stupid PSI. Govt: "nah fam, keep it chill."
  6. Any welders around? I have a career question.

    Yup, you have to learn how to grind to make your daubs look good.
  7. Suppppposedly Sept 15 is when refineries start making “cheaper winter fuel”

    We're subsidizing the corn industry. In the 60's we put in a system to even out price fluctuations in corn. The thought being no American would go hungry because of dips in corn prices which would turn farmers away for more profitable crops. Corn for eating and corn to feed the things we eat...
  8. Suppppposedly Sept 15 is when refineries start making “cheaper winter fuel”

    The refineries don't blend gas. That is done at the terminals. Summer gas has additives to help reduce smog. Winter gas drops these these additives and may or may not lower the ethanol content. Generally speaking if it says up to 10% ethanol, it's 10%. Ethanol is cheap so cutting gasoline with...
  9. Worst recoiling gun you've shot.

    AIAW in 50bmg. Bought 20 rds of hornady 750 AMAX. Still have 12 of them. Gen 1 AI brake was lackluster.
  10. 2 more victims identified

    Much of the wreckage was moved to a special dump site on long Island for processing. The fires and sheer weight of the rubble turned bodies into ash or very small fragments. There is a team that has been going through the piles of steel and concrete looking for said fragments and sometimes they...
  11. EGW scope base.

    Not required with enough JB Weld. Besides the recoil lug. EGW is a solid company. Given its a long action I'm guessing a magnum of sorts so a recoil lug would be ideal.
  12. Should I upgrade? (Optics)

    He said quality. *also runs away*
  13. .22 AMMO

    I wish american manufacturers would invest a little coin in match grade product lines. Lapua, Eley and RWS can't keep up with demand and it shows. I ain't got no bullets Lt. Dan
  14. Savage axis scope mount

    1 piece rail and rings or get a taller version of whatever you currently have
  15. The Tikka T3X UPR is great

    Now that tikka aftermarket support is a thing, it's the best deal for factory bolt guns. The only reason to go rem 700/ bergara is if you really need a specific stock or chassis that isn't inlet for the tikka or you need a 338 boltface. If I were retracing my footsteps from 10 yrs ago I would...
  16. Sneak level 100 at Dragon Con

    Belle of the ball and Belle with the balls. Same thing
  17. Sneak level 100 at Dragon Con

    I saw so many people. Half of em had no clue who they were. Seems like the later it got the fewer clothes I saw. Giggity. One year I'm gonna get a hotel down there and do the parties etc.
  18. Sneak level 100 at Dragon Con

    Also, that ladies Rita Repulsa was a solid 10/10
  19. Sneak level 100 at Dragon Con

    Which one of you was it?
  20. Incompetence

    The ol' take 2 and call me in the afterlife.
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