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  1. how did you become a fan of your team?

    My only child is a PhD student at Texas A and M, I send money there so I support the team. Since she started I have fallen in love with the history and traditions at the school. She did undergrad at Berry College so no football (at that time), went to A and M for Master's on a ride (so I paid...
  2. Any HS football Officials out there????

    I also have been called everything. My best compliment was from a small boy about 10 years old. It was the Little League Baseball City championship and I was standing looking at the brackets before the games started. The little boy came up and asked if I was behind the plate for the Final...
  3. Any HS football Officials out there????

    Are there any blind, dumb, men with unmarried parents (that is what I am told every Friday night) that enjoy the Friday Night Lights? I have been calling for almost 20 years and loved every minute of it. Wake up sore and bruised on Saturday but have a great time. We have been meeting...
  4. Who's Your College Team?

    Texas A&M Aggies Gig'em Aggs
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