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  1. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

    I have been trying to buy some of your ammo for almost 3 weeks now. Replying to your listings and through PM's and you never respond to them.
  2. Ammo Sightings - Post All Ammo Sightings Here

    Is anybody seeing any 308 or 30-06 hunting ammo for sale.
  3. Nikon FX1000 Deals @

    As of the first of 2020 Nikon won't be producing any new rifle scopes.
  4. Army M24

    11.25 twist has become the norm in custom 308's. It will stabilize 150's to 200's no problem. I shoot 185 Bergers in mine 11.25 twist 308. Who want's to shoot anything bigger than that in a 308 anyway. Actually the 175 bullets stabilize better at distance than anything heavier. Evidently you...
  5. FS 22LR at Retail Price?? SAY WHHHAAAATT!!

    What the hell is the big deal over some 22 bullets?Over the past year I have seen 22's on this site for sale at ridiculous price's and people buying them.If people would not support the flippers we would not have any flippers.
  6. The Gun Room / Elite Pawn in Conyers

    Phone Number?
  7. 22LR in Lawrenceville, GA

    My post was not ment to be negative toward them,I do alot of business there.They have the right to charge what ever they need to,to make a profit.Good people to deal with.
  8. 22LR in Lawrenceville, GA

    To high,I bought federal bricks there a couple weeks ago for $29.00 and they sold out quick,they might be taking that into consideration and pricing this batch higher.
  9. 60 AR's

    Did anybody really think you would not be able to buy AR'S anymore and at the regular price's.
  10. .22LR

    It's already on here for sale for $50.00 or more per box.I wished they would have limited it somewhat so everybody would have had a chance to get some.I went by there this morning and picked up some for myself and could have bought every bit they had but I thought I would let everybody else have...
  11. Deaton's Gun Shop in Loganville

    Attitudes and customer service suck.
  12. Fs bass pro shops has ammo !!!

    I'll take her,I mean the ammo or whatever.
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