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  1. 8 pt down- can’t find him

    Hope you gave him time to lay down and die…
  2. I’ve never owned… Confession Thread

    That’s a personal question. I don’t know you that well yet lol.
  3. Clybel/Charlie Elliot Shooting Range?? I just spoke to a very nice lady at the Charlie Elliot wildlife center near the Clybel range. She gave me the email above and said that a new guy was in charge now but he reported to Ms. Pittman above. I think it would be good for the new guy “Thomas” to know what he...
  4. Clybel/Charlie Elliot Shooting Range??

    Next time you hear them doing that ****…call them out. Loudly. Make a scene. Those SOB’s are paid using your tax dollars and should be treated like an employee of yours…correct them just like that. They only do what we let them get away with…ask for names and employee numbers…be obvious when you...
  5. One good thing about getting older 👍

    Free? Like $80 free lol?
  6. Outnumbered on turkey day

    You must laugh at them…they will have a melt down while you walk happily away.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    Same to you, Biker. Enjoy the day.
  8. Who mounts a Nightforce on a Marlin levergun!?

    I don’t get the “straight walled” cartridge thing…is it because they have a more limited range?
  9. 11/17

    Or maybe a couple flagging to the right of you gun barrel…up toward the tree and above the right feeder. Resolution/focus of picture is on your gun, not the field lol.
  10. 11/17

    Looks like one about an inch left of the end of your gun barrel…
  11. My Grandson is coming tomorrow.

    Serious, handsome young man! Congratulations!
  12. Gun suggestions for a bird hunt out west

    Call the lodge or your hunting guide. They will be your best advisor on the gun for the pheasant hunt. Balmy day released birds and windy day wild birds are two completely different hunts btw. You can then put in a full choke for the turkeys.
  13. The old timers were badasses

  14. Gun suggestions for a bird hunt out west

    If you send me a message I’ll give you my number. I have hunted quail, pheasants, ducks and geese all over the west…from Kansas and South Dakota to Arizona and Texas. And most states in between… ”Bird hunting” is a pretty vague description and the right gun could vary depending on exactly where...
  15. the joy

    Been there, done that. Got scars to prove it. And that ain’t an easy place to get to stop bleeding… Might need a few stitches?
  16. Item Relisted! FT Remington Model 7 in 257 Roberts *RARE*

    So, I’m confused. You bought a barreled action or an assembled gun? I’m trying to understand your theory about Dakota/ParkWest/Remington facility in South Dakota…you think the gun might have been “assembled” there? Yet you bought a barreled action and had Mr. Gibby stock it? Sorry, Im just...
  17. Deer Hunt Nov 1st

    A LOT windy…
  18. Prayers

  19. Who’s your voice?

    Today? More like this…
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