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  1. AMP Annealer

    They make annealing super easy.
  2. Hornady OAL Gauge

    Your guns must have long throats in them. It is a good tool to have and it is accurate if used correctly. And it's according if your bullets have a secant ogive or tangent ogive. For instance if I measure a Berger VLD the OAL of that bullet will be long.
  3. Chronograph

    LabRadar and don't look back
  4. Anybody loading 243?

    Trying to come up with a hunting load for my wifes Ruger Compact in 243. 1 in 9 twist barrel so it should stabilize the Hornady 100GR bullets that I'm trying. Have tried H414 and H4350 in powders with nothing that I like yet. What powder are y'all having luck with?
  5. 6.5 creedmore

    H-4350 and a 140GR bullet. You can't go wrong
  6. 30-06 Deer Loads?

    Custom 700 with a Manners stock and Brux match grade barrel. Fixing to start do load work up for it.
  7. 30-06 Deer Loads?

    Anybody got any good ones or use any good factory ammo?
  8. What is everyone using on crimped primers pockets???

    Get what Yote said
  9. Anyone interested in some RL 26?

    Right now with the way things are going you better buy it if you want it.
  10. Pet Loads For 308/178 Hornady ELD Match

    I will keep working my loads up to see what kind of results I achieve.I have great luck loading everything 20 thou off. I am shooting Lapua brass and it looks like I will be hard pressed to get to 45 GRS of varget without it being a compressed load. I had this gun built and chambered with a...
  11. Pet Loads For 308/178 Hornady ELD Match

    I pulled one of the factory loads and put the powder on the scales and it weighted 42.5GRS. It looked like varget but you really can't tell what the factory really uses. It is a solid custom gun with a match grade Brux barrel on it. The factory loads said 2600 FPS on the box but I chronoed them...
  12. Pet Loads For 308/178 Hornady ELD Match

    I have a chrono and am not new to reloading by far. I have RL15 and IMR4895 on hand. The 178 factory loads were running 2718
  13. Pet Loads For 308/178 Hornady ELD Match

    Anybody shooting these with good success? I shot the 168's and 178's {factory loads} and both shot under 1/2 inch at 100 yards. I loaded up some 178's with varget from 42 to 43.2 grains at 20 thou off in .4 GR increments with no success.Didn't have time to set up chrono.
  14. Broken hornady die

    You will keep breaking them if you keep using Hornady dies.
  15. hard resizing 308

    I had this problem with a redding FL 308 die a few years ago. After inspection of the die I saw the decapping rod was way off center so when pulling the brass out of the die it was hitting on one side of the die a lot harder than the other side. It basically looked like the decapping rod was...
  16. Barnes tac-tx

    Watch how fast they copper foul your barrel and your accuracy will go to crap
  17. 308 Powders

    I just can't seem to find a good solid load with varget. I have 4064,4895 and RE15 on hand. Only have a couple pounds of 4895 so I kinda hate to start load development with that because I haven't seen any of that around in a long time.
  18. 308 Powders

    So what powders are yall using in a 308 shooting 168's or 175's SMK's

    Just tried it. 308 175 SMK IMR 4064 Said no load data Really?
  20. Using 4064?

    I have shot a lot of IMR 4064 in 308 and it shot great with 168's and 175's, but it is a pain to load with.
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