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  1. Battery operated chainsaws

    Husqvarna makes the best battery saw hands down, but it won’t be cheap. We use the T540i xp daily in tree and the 540i xp on the ground near the chipper. These are pro saws with a ton of torque, either one will set you back $1k, but we’ll wort it. Equivalent to 40cc gas.
  2. Be Careful out there

    Couldn’t have been a ODT member, everyone here is a self proclaimed bad ass. Right?
  3. Prayers for their family.

    Prayers sent
  4. Careful at wineries in Dahlonega.

    Fuk the po po pigs.
  5. Item Gone: FS 2003 BMW 325i Sedan

    I traded into this car a couple years ago for my son, who is now an Army Solider. About a month ago the water pump started leaking, so we never drove it. Once he left I drove it once a week, or so just to keep it up and the pump failed about a mile from my home. Temperature was rising steady, so...
  6. ****Atlanta Falcons****

  7. Coweta County Dog Mauling Death

    I know a lot of places down by the riber……
  8. ****Atlanta Falcons****

  9. Pellet grill for brisket

  10. HELP!! I need a mobile tractor mechanic!!

    If it needs parts, others than something simple get ready to wait. Everyone is using COVID as an excuse for shipping and backlogged work.
  11. Landlord-Tenant

    Law don’t go round here…..
  12. ****Atlanta Falcons****

    Jets, or Falcons one will have first pick
  13. ****Atlanta Falcons****

    Yeah I know where his sorry azz plays, I was poking fun. He‘s a liability collecting a check.


    This Friday
  16. What's a good fish when you don't like fish?

    Tilapia is cheap, farm raised, bottom of the barrel fish.

    I have a slightly used shotgun extension tube +2(I believe) for a Remington 870/1100. Seems to be a well built tube. It’s made of steel. I took it off an old shotty I’m redoing and opted for an aluminum one for weight reasons. Everyone gets a shot! Supporters get 2! Vets, active duty, or...
  18. ****Atlanta Falcons****

    Falcons are doomed until they get a good coach and a real owner who knows football. Oh and the Ryan experiment should have been over after the SB loss. It’s time to move on. Meanwhile Julio is still a non producer as well, just collecting checks. He‘ll be hurt soon enough. Just thought I’d...
  19. Cerakote near newnan

    @Hiland Arms
  20. my teenager went full teenager

    Prayers sent
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