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  1. Hammerless Snubby Revolvers

    8 Shot 357 mag with bobbed hammer. S&W model 327.
  2. Best New 9mm Pistol

    There seems to be an awful lot of hoopla around 3 pretty new 9mm models. I am talking about the: 1) Dan Wesson DWX 2) Dan Wesson DWX Compact 3) CZ Shadow 2 Compact Which one would you prefer to own and why? If you must, feel free to write-in your fav.
  3. Generator Thread ....When the power goes out...

    "To each, his own." If we had no choice, we would all try to make the best of life even with no electricity and all that entails - no AC, no refrigerator or freezer, no internet, and eventually no working cars. I am spoiled and soft. A loss of power in the summer and the house starts heating...
  4. Generator Thread ....When the power goes out...

    I may purchase a Generac standby gen in the next year. I will probably get the option that switches automatically when it senses loss of utility power and then switches back when utility power is restored. Any of you know of any considerations or potential gotchas or recommendations that you...
  5. Talon Grips 👍🏻👍🏻

    I put one on the front grip of an older 1911. It is great! The pistol used to feel slippery when I was sweating. Now it feels secure.
  6. Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

    As far as reliability and functionality, it is suppose to be topshelf - up there with the M4.
  7. Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

    I have heard good things about this semi. I think Mossberg recommends cleaning it at least every 1500 rounds. It is supposed to be very reliable with a wide range of ammo. Any of you have first hand experience with one?
  8. My favorite GunTuber

    Is that guy a queer or what. He has videos of him prancing around in shorts up to his sack. Thanks, but no thanks.
  9. "Just Say "NO" to the Springfield Echelon"

    I said to H3LL with BRC when they were asked about Kyle wearing their t-shirt, and they threw him under the bus.
  10. Best affordable 2 way radios less than $100

    If you want a ham handheld, Yaseu and Icom are hard to beat, but pricey.
  11. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    If you're getting a rifle, why not just get one in 223?
  12. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    Is it true that 22 TCM ammo is made by only one company? Talking about an achilles heel.
  13. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    If prices get down to 22 mag levels, that would make it a viable plinker - for me. I thought about one for my wife, but grip is too large for her.
  14. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    "What's your life worth?" The 5.7 pistols are the size of a Glock 17 - a full size service pistol. I can't imagine that the 5.7 would ever be something that I would consider for CCW. If I CCW a handgun that size, it will most likely be in a caliber of 9mm, 10mm, 45acp, or 357mag. That's...
  15. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    I can't get over the cost of the 5.7 ammo. Plus Its availability was close to non-existent for a long time. It still isn't plentiful at most stores.
  16. S&W 22 Mag

    Any of y'all seen or shot the S&W 22 mag? 22plinkster has high praise for it. Honest outlaw not so much. If it is reliable, great. No one wants a jamamatic.
  17. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    Ammo price is crazy to me. I know it is a matter of quantities produced. 22mag is about the same cost as FMJ 9mm. 5.7 is at least twice that price for plinking ammo.
  18. 22lr vs 22mag vs 5.7

    Looking at many videos on ballistic gel testing, it seems like there's not much difference in performance - shot from a pistol - between 5.7 and modern 22 mag ammo optimized for short barrels. Then looking at 22lr Punch vs 22 mag and there doesn't seem to be much difference in ballistic gel...
  19. A Dog Watching Tictok

  20. Home Defense Handgun

    It might be my imagination, but it seems as if lasers have lost favor with many. Red dots seem to be the latest fad. I can see where red dots have become more popular due to their size getting smaller and smaller. I can see where red dots offer an advantage when shooting at a distance of 15...
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