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  1. Please add my dad to your prayer lists.

    Prayers to you and family
  2. Vietnam Memorial

    A few years back the traveling wall came to the VA Hospital here in Dublin Ga, very humbling......I worked nights and there was someone at the wall all night as the names were read.....old soldiers and young soldiers came at all hours to pay their respects. Makes me proud to be an American...
  3. Rip Toby Keith

    Dang all the good ones are going......first Jimmy Buffett and now Toby...love To drunk for karkoke......him and Jimmy made me smile. RIP...
  4. Hot Sauce Giveaway

    Yes love the heat
  5. What was your very FIRST gun growing up.

    An Ithaca lever action .22 single shot my Dad got it for my 9th birthday thought I was so cool it had that cowboy look I even had a cowboy hat too. That was 61 years ago......still got that shooting iron pardner....
  6. New Skechers Shoes Giveaway

    Good shoes in for a.try
  7. Item Relisted! FS US Army Unit Crest and Patches Collection

    My Dad was in wore several of them. He did 32 years in the Army went in at 17 in 1942 did WW2, Korea(2 tours),Viet Nam(2 tours). Makes my 3 years look kind of lame....but even plastic they still call us Army Men.....
  8. Old Biker Knife give away no. 2

    In thanks
  9. Old Biker knife give away no. 1

    In for a try.....love anything with an edge.......thanks
  10. Old Biker Knife give away no. 3

    In for a try and thank you
  11. Item Relisted! Liver health supplement for your dog

    Sorry for your loss...... great pass along
  12. Most $$$ you've put into a gun over time.

    A Stevens model 15A bolt action .22 for $15.00 and a $15.00. Tasco scope and rings I belive it was a total of $35.00 great squirrel gun .....one shot one kill.....it's over 55 years old and still goes to the woods with me...that was big money back then...
  13. CLOSED - New years giveaway bundle! $300+ value!

    Am I to late?
  14. Merry Christmas ODT

    Merry Christmas to all and thank y'all for all the smiles and interaction you have given through out the year.....
  15. Records

    My Grandson is getting into records, he had a fit when I gave him a couple of peaches crates I had stuck in a closet, he kept saying Pa you got this and this and this......my music was good back in the 70's and 80's......oh yeah for the good old days of hair,cars,and music...
  16. A friend of mine posted this on FB and it really is true for me. What about you?

    My wife always wonders how Santa can sneak a new knife under the tree with out her seeing it.......
  17. 25 year veteran ER doc tells the truth!

    As an old xray tech I have seen a lot of these slip and falls but the best thing any of them said was this one person who said they wish he had tied a string to it. Light bulbs, coke bottles, beads, more vibrator s than you can count ( a lot of them still humming) a window sash weight, the...
  18. Famous quotes

    If we weren't crazy we would all go insane.....Jimmy Buffett
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