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  1. New from Atlanta!

    Welcome to the jungle!
  2. Crypto for payment

    In God I trust, all others cash, check that will or postal MO! Not interested in anything new at 68 YOA!
  3. Best way to Test Your Running Speed

    When being chased by a bull I never run as fast as I can, but as fast as I need to!
  4. Please put up an extra prayer or two for my father in law, and family.

    Praying for Gods Blessings and Healing!
  5. Beretta 21s $219.99 after rebate

    Mine was mailed last week and was told it should be here next week!
  6. Dawsonville member

    Welcome to the jungle!
  7. Hello from Columbus

    Welcome to the jungle!
  8. Prayers, please, for my younger Sister...

    Praying for Gods Blessings and a quick healing!
  9. Please add my dad to your prayer lists.

    Praying for Gods Blessings and a quick and speedy healing for your father!
  10. Wimbledon Cup

    August 26 1965 Carlos Hathcock won the Wimbleton cup. He used a Winchester model 70 in 300 Winchester magnum to bring home the win.
  11. Why math is important….

    Have to remember that!
  12. Major problem, simple solution….

    Looks good to me!
  13. Ever bought a gun that was used in a crime or stolen?

    Had one I bought and sold was stolen. Police called me about it and I got the guy I sold it to a new Glock 19 and swapped out with him and gave the stolen one to police department. Bought 3 from guy one Sunday and sold pistol to nephew! Got call about month later from SLED saying gun had been...
  14. Revolver blueing and loving - Need some recommendations.

    .Fords Custom Refinishing
  15. Item Gone: FS Holosun SCS MOS for a Glock

    Great sight! I put one on one of my Glocks and like that you don’t have to put raised sights on gun like I did on other ones. Ordered two more to put on a couple of other Glocks.
  16. Revolver blueing and loving - Need some recommendations.

    Fords custom refinishing can do all that and it will look factory new or better! They have refinished about 20 for me and have one now that will be shipped back last of March! Great folks to deal with. Been in business about 38 years
  17. Mobile phone service out for many this morning across the southeast.

    I’ve got usual service! Mine is Att government plan . My brother in-law called earlier and no service bars showing on his phone and went through hot spot to call.
  18. This guy cut me off in traffic this morning, but I decided to let it slide….

    I wouldn’t have done anything either!
  19. Get it done.

    Praying for a quick healing and recovery with Gods blessings on you and family! Good that you went and they caught it early!

    Welcome to the jungle!
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