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  1. Marlin 1895 SBL

    ^^ Also, Cherokee Gun had a new one on the shelf on Friday for less than $1,200...
  2. Marlin 1895 SBL

    You wouldn't know it on GB, but they are finally coming back down to reality. Found a new 1895 Ruger trapper at Forsyth Pawn last week for ~$1,130.
  3. Ruger 5.7

    Finally got a chance to hold one at Country Folks SS a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, feels a bit more natural in-hand than the FN, to me. Ambi safety is nice. The sights look like they would take a beating if carried a lot, but everything looked tight overall. I think they were also under $600.
  4. Gun Show

    Good guy to deal with...
  5. I am here and you know why

    I didn't look at the 12-2, but the other was the EAA...
  6. I am here and you know why

    I wish I'd had more money to drop. I'm not into Glocks, but there were other deals to be had. There was a Mossberg 500, with a top-folding stock and a Pelosi heat-sheild for $129. More stuff, or Christmas gifts for the fam. I did have to think about it for a minute...
  7. I am here and you know why

    And no, you will not see them 'fer sail' in the future. Keepers.
  8. I am here and you know why

    Nope. Single shot.
  9. I am here and you know why

    Thanks for the thread. Picked up a Remington 12-gauge for $49 and the EAA .357 (German) for $139. Was buying as a truck gun, but it's in perfect shape . Thinking backup carry now. They had about 8 or 9 Glocks, all starting with a $3---
  10. $14.99 shipped - Stag Arms AR15 Ambi Charging Handle

    Thanks! Backorded now, but got 2. Free shipping, also...
  11. Walmart hunting rifle closeouts.

    Went to cumming WM, lady told me one dude came in and bought 'em all...
  12. ATI 300 Blackout $409 includes shipping

    My nightmare was the 5.56. Gas system all jacked -up from the get go.
  13. ATI 300 Blackout $409 includes shipping

    This turd above (though in 5.56), and the Gen 1 Sig Mosquito were the 2 worst new guns I'd ever purchased...
  14. Cherokee Gun Black Friday AD (Real)

    Those Excalibur mortars are usually over $50. Crazy loud!
  15. Black Friday Special - I have never seen the Franklin wet tumbler so cheap!!

    Sorry, but a "Franklin wet tumbler " sounds like something you have to pay extra for on Bourbon Street...
  16. Estate sale guns

    Saw what they had today. There was an ok German k98 for $2,000. I figured it must have been signed by Goerbels. There s was an ok shape 1903-A3 for $8,000, and Sharps riflres for $20,000 and $27,800. Japanese Ariskas for $650 and I think $1,250. There was a mosin nagant platform, said to have...
  17. PMR 30 $399

    The Wallyword on Hwy 9 in Apharetta almost always has CCI WMR for $14 plus change...
  18. PMR 30 $399

    Cherokee pawn has em at $399 new, and very slightly ued for $350...
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