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  1. Colt SAA Porn all SAA welcome

    Nice 2nd gen shooter…
  2. Please add my dad to your prayer lists.

    I just saw this post and my heart is broken for you. My dad had a massive stroke 20 years ago at age 65…and me, my mom and my siblings were faced with the decision you are struggling with now. It is not easy. Lean on each other. Prayers up for you and your whole family to find peace in the midst...
  3. Please put up an extra prayer or two for my father in law, and family.

    Prayers for sure…but also I live near Athens and I’d like to buy you breakfast one day. It helps to talk about it and you are under a big load there. Send me a pm and let’s get together soon…
  4. Any IT folks here? We have nearly 800MBPS to the house but in the house the wireless is much slower

    I pay for 500mb from Spectrum fiber. I was gonna get the 1 gig service but my installer talked me out of it lol. He said their 1 gig level of service really provides closer to 700mb and the 500mb service provided a true 500mb signal…maybe even 550-600. Got a NETGEAR nighthawk mesh system…get...
  5. Rivian stock

    Rivian is the next Solyndra. Get out while you can.
  6. Craziest thing happened to us tonight

    Demonic encounter. No doubt.
  7. Item Gone: Want to buy car to blow up for range event on March 2 FOUND ONE

    I heard the Governor’s car was available for public events like this?😎😁 Or you could look for a random Rivian truck or SUV? Those batteries should burn for a long, long time?😎
  8. New from Snellvile

    Welcome from a former Snellvillian.
  9. New from Savannah

    Welcome to the ODT…
  10. New from Savannah

    Can you explain what the symbol you chose means?
  11. “LNIB, never been fired”

    Does the price include the factory new ziptie?

    Who did the work?
  13. Unbelievable

    Glad to hear the surgery went well…prayers for good news about the nodes.🙏🏻
  14. Hello!

    It’s like opening a bag of Lays potato chips lol… welcome.
  15. Speaking of thieves...

    My great Pyrennes dog, Max, loves to sleep in the truck. You wanna borrow him for the weekend lol? He HATES strangers getting near the truck…if they break a window while he is in the truck he will eat them alive.
  16. DeKalb farm dog kills 8 yotes

    Great Pyrennes are just that…great. My granddaughter has grown up with our Max…he would protect her with his life.
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