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  1. New to hunting

    See, I don't even know how to hunt, like from what I have read and watched, you look for signs and different this and that helps you choose where to stay or if you need to go somewhere else, the only thing I get is that making too much noise is a bad thing to do
  2. New to hunting

    That's ok I don't mind spending the money on it
  3. New to hunting

    Thank you
  4. New to hunting

    Well I appreciate all the information so far, I haven't gotten anything yet, but its just enjoyable to be out in nature away from all the crazy going on in the world
  5. New to hunting

  6. New to hunting

    Man that would be great, and yeah Covid is no fun, my number is 985-951-9601 and the names Taylor, any help is greatly appreciated
  7. New to hunting

    I am not, got transfered here by the company I work for
  8. New to hunting

    I live in Harlem also, any info would be greatly appreciated.
  9. New to hunting

    I actually took hunters safety back in Louisiana before I moved to the area. But It's still daunting what I don't know.
  10. New to hunting

    Hello, my name is Taylor, and I just recently moved to the Augusta Georgia area, and was looking for some advice on how to get into hunting around the area, I have only hunted a few times on private land, and really enjoyed it, I am looking for a lease or some suggestions on where to begin. Any...
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