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The Hen that laid the Golden Legos
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Jun 10, 2011
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My food plots look terrible after the bitter cold

deer Are hitting feeders at my place
Our food plots look good they pretty much nocturnal and done grouped up if you see any they may be 15 in group or you see nothing

shotgun 01

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Oct 9, 2014
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Grayson/Sparta, Georgia
Had a nice morning hunt. Around 7:15, I had a broken rack eight pointer and a spike enter a food plot 200 yards away. They hung around for a minute and left. Since there was a fresh scrape forty yards to my left, I decided to hit my grunt call. I didn't really expect much to happen. About two minutes later, a big six pointer that I have watched all season, quickly walked out from across the power line. He was headed towards the scrape and was looking for the buck that was doing all that grunting in his territory. I recognized him, but got my binoculars on him anyway. He looked back from where he came, and there was a real nice eight pointer standing on the edge of the woods. He had a beautiful rack that would probably score 115/120. Thought about shooting, but figured that this late in the season, he will probably make it through. A couple of does walked out from behind him, and milled around. They eventually winded me and trotted off. I have not seen this buck all season, but next year, he will be a stud. I hope we cross paths again.
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