2022-23 Way too early “Deer”Rifle thread

Aaron Smith

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Apr 27, 2015
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Gwinnett County
.223 with 18" 5r barrel. will shoot around .5" at 100 and same hole at 50. trijicon accupoint 3-9


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The Hen that laid the Golden Legos
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Feb 19, 2015
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My problem is I'm a bow hunter at heart. I love the notion of carrying a particular rifle in the woods and every year I pick up a few more with the romantic notion of hunting with it. But when I head to the woods, I grab the bow. When I do carry a rifle I end up passing up deer with it. I guess the thrill of killing them is more in my head then actually doing it. I have a really nice 1972 Marlin 336 sitting next to the computer right now that I scoped out with a nice vintage Leupy 2-7, loaded up about 50 rounds of 200 Gr Speer, sighted it in and walked around the pasture one evening last year. I even wore my green and black buffalo plaid jacket. Put the scope on a big doe and then walked back to the house.
So far this year I've set up a Winchester 100 Carbine with a period correct 3x Leupy, 2 HR Single shot rifles 1-30-06, 1- 44mag, and the Remington 673 300 SAUM that I killed the moose with. Season would have to be 800 days long for me to carry all the rifles I want to hunt with. lol
I enjoy “still hunting” or stalking deer. On 12/12 last year I got in the “zone” - it took me 2 hours to cover maybe 3/4 of a mile. Had a juvenile bobcat walk up and sit next to me for 10 minutes waiting to ambush squirrels. She never knew I was there. I killed 2 does about 20 minutes later at about 15 - 20 yards. No thrill in “long range” hunting for me.
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