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300 acc reload

I just started playing with the 300bo in a 7" 1:5 twist barrel with the 220 gr Berrys. I've been testing 1680, CFE BLK, H110, and Shooters World Blackout.

So far I've kind of ruled out CFE BLK and H110. Both of them I was getting close to super speed (1050) but still having issues with locking back on last round unsuppressed. My goal was to have ammo that would run with and without a can (only subs, no interest in shooting supers).
1680 I am around 11-12gr, Blackout around 10-11gr. H110 i was around 9-10gr but that was getting me close to 1050fps. I don't remember CFE load but it was over 1000fps as well. the 1680 and Blackout I am still around 850-900fps and think I'm close to where I want to be with regards to the action.

I"m playing a little bit with the spring and buffer (A5 H1/2 and green sprinco spring I think) and just checked my adjustable gas block to make sure it was all the way open.

My plan is to cast 247gr bullets and powder coat them and run those most of the time, and possibly some Maker 220gr subs if I want to hunt or use it for SD.
Yeah, the 1680 loads I built were awfully close to filling the case when I was testing. It's not a disqualifier as far as I'm concerned, but I am a little wary when it's getting 'up there'
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