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45 Auto JHP @ 56 cents a round


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May 20, 2010
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Mar 1, 2020
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Looks like they are frangible & won't penetrate hard cover...
Which means great for home defense. I don't need 800 but I did spring for the 400 at a slightly higher cpr.
I actually train with frangible 556 as well because at close range, especially on a steel target, I don't have to worry about anything flying back.

Back to the .45....the reason I say it's good for home defense should be obvious. If it hits soft tissue, it's going to penetrate until it hits bone or the HP opens up, or actually disintegrates in this case (that in and of itself causes absolute mayhem to soft tissue). The point is it won't go any further and if it happens to pass through, it won't go past your walls. As much as you should always know your backstop, that's not always the case in the heat of the moment. This helps to make sure you aren't bothering your neighbor with friendly fire.

At that price, it's good range ammo too. Most people that don't have the means to shoot outside are only shooting paper anyways.

Thanks for the heads up Granite3 Granite3 I have actually ordered from this outfit before with no issues.
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