A year from now you may wish you had started today


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May 16, 2018
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"A year from now you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

So I sharpened my pencil tonight and took a look at some popular, mainstream crypto currencies and their performance over the last year.

Say you had invested just $200 in each of these 15 coins at the beginning of 2021... a total investment of $3,000... and then sold them all today. Even if you COMPLETELY missed some of the huge run-ups we had during the spring & summer time, you would have come out ahead by quite a bit. Heck a lot of you guys (and gals) spend more than $3k on one or two guns.

Here are the percentage gains for this year based on my rough calculations:
  1. Ethereum (ETH): up 454.51%
  2. Solana (SOL): up 13,641.86%
  3. Cardano (ADA): up 803.52%
  4. Terra (LUNA): up 14,658.80%
  5. Avalance (AVAX): up 3,736.19%
  6. Polygon (MATIC): up 14,030.05%
  7. Crypto.com (CRO): up 950.84%
  8. Algorand (ALGO): up 381.10%
  9. Uniswap (UNI): up 408.39%
  10. Cosmos (ATOM): up 470.50%
  11. Sandbox (SAND): up 15,983.62%
  12. PancakeSwap (CAKE): up 2,468.88%
  13. Enjin (ENJ): up 2,041.79%
  14. Amp (AMP): up 687.07%
  15. 0x (ZRX): up 126.21%
Some of those gains are so-so, and some of the gains are huge. Anyway so you put $200 put into each of these coins at the beginning of 2021... that would roughly get you this amount of crypto tokens in your portfolio / wallet, along with the current value today:


Ok, are you ready for the big drum roll??? (I still can't believe I missed out on this...)

$3,000 invested equally on 1/1/2021 into these 15 coins is now roughly worth about $134,363.98.

And again, that's completely missing out on run-ups earlier in the year, like ADA had in August and September when it was up to $2.96 -- not $1.49 like it is today.


Anyway, I did all this figuring just to say to you all (and to remind myself), of this quote, "A year from now you may wish you had started today."

Think about that and where you want to be sitting on 12/27/2022.

Oh, and in case you're thinking, "It's too late for me..." forget that line of thinking. There are more ups and downs, and good things, in store for 2022 with recent headlines like these:
  • "Bitcoin, Ethereum Beat Gold in 2021, Big Time" (CryptoSlate)
  • "Mexico's Third Richest Billionaire's Advice: Invest in Bitcoin, Stay Away from Dollars, Euros" (Bitcoin.com)
  • "Altcoin Supercycle Has Arrived, According to Analyst Nicholas Merten -- Here Are 4 Crypto Assets to Watch" (The Daily Hodl)
  • "Institutions Have only Dipped Their Toes in Crypto, Says Ex UK Chancellor" (CryptoPotato)
  • "Trading Volume for Bitcoin and Ether Futures Surpassed $32 Trillion in 2021" (The Block)
  • "Study Shows Market Share of Altcoins Surged Threefold Since 2014" (Bitcoin.com)
  • "DeFi Boom Ensues as Terra Crosses $21B in TVL, Second Only to Ethereum, Avalanche at $12B" (AMB Crypto)
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