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Airbnb anybody?


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Feb 1, 2013
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Cherokee county
Anybody here into short term rentals? I have a few long term rentals and considering adding a condo in Gulf Shores AL. Obviously interest rates suck right now but if I can get other people to pay the mortgage then eventually refi I think I'll get over it. Seems like a buyers market there now and I can't imagine values will go down much if any.
What has your experience been like?


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I looked at it and seems the only benefit is having a place to stay when it’s not rented. The management companies take a big bite of the rent and Alabama Taxes are high. New AC and furniture every time you turn around. Also, all it takes is that one jerk tha gives you a bad review and you are scrambling to get your rating up. It’s not fun having to depend on tradesmen that aren’t local and are expensive if and when you can get them. I say stick to the long term rentals (I’ve been doing it 20 years) Book a vacation, shut the door when you leave and don’t worry about it. Orange Beach is our go to place.
Yep. Same thing happened to Port St Joe and Cape San Blas FL
Here is a photo of San Blas, Naiarit, Mexico in the late 60's. from what I hear, it has not changed much. For surfers, there is a point break that tubes-out for over a mile. I anchored my 40 ft sloop "Gershom" there for a month or so.
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