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Ammo Giveaway ***WINNER!!!***

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Jun 26, 2012
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This giveaway is to show appreciation for the 800 times you guys have enabled my addiction…lol. When I signed up for odt so long ago I had no idea that I’d end up making over 800 deals….
I’ve been blessed to have made many new friends along the way too.

The winner will get to choose between 800 rounds of Aguila Super .22 ammo or 800 rounds of CCI .22 Mini Mags (Please post your preference as you enter). Everyone can enter once, and you can take a second entry if you are one of the 800 enablers who has helped me have so much fun. All Vietnam war and Korean war vets can enter as often as you’d like :usa2:

Mrs AC will draw a winner this Sunday Dec 4th at 9pm.

No shipping on this so we’ll need to meet up within 1/2 hour of Canton, or I’ll be at the ODT Christmas bash next weekend.

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