Archery Hunter Searching for Private Land/Hunting Club/Lease

Sam Hausler

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Apr 10, 2018
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Flowery Branch, GA
I just recently moved to the Gainesville area and am looking for a Private Land Owner to possibly let me hunt some of their land, or joining a Hunting Club/Lease. I moved here from Alabama where I was spoiled with quick access to a portion of land that wasn't the best to hunt but unfortunately it is what these deer loved. I predominately archery hunt, and have an entire outfit of cameras/lock ons/climbers/ground-blinds, whatever is needed, and or allowed. I will NOT shoot an immature deer, unless told otherwise. (population control)

If a Land Owner happens to read this and is debating on messaging me or not, I am more than willing to help out around the property, house, farm, wash cars, look after animals, whatever it takes to allow me to have an opportunity to get in the woods. Obviously I will be available to you whenever you need to reach me, and I will be as communicative as necessary. If requested, I can also supply you with what ever meat you would ask of me from the deer harvested. (I make pretty decent jerky)

As for Leases and or Hunting Clubs, I have been a member of a Hunting Club before, I am weary of how they operate but the same conditions apply. I am willing to put forth hours of work and every resource available to me in order to better my and fellow hunters efforts for the upcoming season. If anyone reading this is in a lease and or club and considering messaging me, just know that I take hunting seriously and being an Archery hunter you will never have to worry about me trucking in at daylight or blowing deer out of their beds with a bad wind. I try my very hardest to disturb as little as possible, and to be as smart as possible, when it comes to the woods that is.

If anyone has made it this far on this post and is considering messaging me, please do. You can call me or email me if you have any questions. I have thought about what it would be like to not be able to settle my soul in the stand for a season, and I am willing to do anything for that not to happen. Thanks again for reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon.
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