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ATF publishes their pistol brace rule

John Moses

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Mar 13, 2014
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Enjoy the BS!

What about the millions of people that couldn’t even comply with this bs cause their state doesn’t allow sbrs
I watched yesterday but couldn’t concentrate. Had no idea what she said but perked up when she mentioned fast & furious”.


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May 28, 2011
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You posted on page 79 twice that the publishing date was one 12/31 - it was literally 2 days ago - Jan 31st and thus we have till May 31st should we choose to comply with any of the five options. Once I can overlook, twice is negligence. You were corrected multiple times before hand and still continue to post wrong time lines. You have argued and at one point insulted another user because he was attempting to correct you as you assumed that it was the original date of the DOJ posting and kept watching Youtube.

Dealer to dealer is a Form 3. If you've been researching this as much as you say, this should be easy.

As for people who are listing their pistols on here as SBRs already - you are correct when you say that need to be registered before taken to a dealer, to make this simple : Form 1 -> Form 4 to the dealer handling a transfer and $200 (stores won't pay it, good luck with that) -> Form 4 again to individual wanting to buy it. Mostly posting this as I keep seeing people saying they will meet them at a dealer for the transfer. It has to be registered first.

Big thing - stop telling others want to do with personally owned items - that's the thing a lot of users are tired of seeing, and now you're stating what the owners of ODT should do. What they do is their business.

As far as the discussion goes, it's been had, and continues to be had. We don't need people on here still spreading incorrect information. At this point, let Okuma run the site, and let it play out it court. Continued speculation helps no one.

And on the hissy fit part...Really??
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1) I already admitted I was wrong about the rule date. We've all learned more than we ever wanted to know about the rule making process in the last few weeks.

2) I didn't insult that user until he had already gone down that road. Both those posts seem to be gone now, but the post where I apologized to him is still up there.

3) I didn't care what the form number is. That should have been plain by the () and question mark. It wasn't relevant to the point.

4) I have never tried to tell anyone what to do with their items. I never tried to say what ODT should do with the site. Their stuff, their choice. Discussing it isn't telling people what to do.

5) I agree about the incorrect information part, but except for the date thing, I don't think I've contributed to that.

6) I still stand behind my feelings on the thread you screen-grabbed. I know, "Buyer Beware" and all that, but that's still my thoughts.

Again, if my posts bother you so much feel free to put me on ignore and I'll magically go away. I personally would rather have discussions about the rule (and a bunch of other topics) than get into personal vendettas here.
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