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ATV/small engine guys! Need help

He got it going. Didn’t have enough gas.

Got it running! Thanks for y’all’s suggestions! Now my next question, what’s the best place to get a set of tires? I don’t need anything super aggressive, just a stock/factory set of affordable tires.
Excellent! Saved you a lot of unnecessary diagnostics. I would look on the internet like Tire Rack if they have them. Or somebody like that. I use to know a good place to get those tires. Give me a little bit and let me see if I can remember it that place.
Walmart, Tractor Supply, Amazon. Price is ranging from 36 to 40 some odd dollars a piece. You should be able to find what you need there. I know Harbor Freight carried some lawn mower tires but I'm not sure if They Carried ATV tires or not. Between those first three places I gave you you should be able to find a pretty good deal on some and Amazon's usually free shipping.
I ordered these today

I love when this forum helps each other out. Glad you got it running. I bought an ‘05 Rancher for $1500 and rebuilt/ upgraded it. (Grips, lights, winch, rear seat, passenger pegs, lift kit, wheel spacers, and larger battery.)

What area are you in? I’m near Fayetteville, there’s a large riding spot near the track.

I was given a 1999 Polaris Magnum 500. It’s in really good shape for its age with 366hrs. It has set in a warehouse for the last 15 years. I emptied what little gas was in the tank, disassembled the carb and cleaned, new petcock/gas button, new spark plug, new air filter, and I have a new fuel pump on the way even though I think the old one was fine. Nothing was gunked up and was surprisingly clean. I went to fire it up and couldn’t get it started. I sprayed some carb cleaner in the air intake and it fired up for a split second. It’s almost like it’s not getting gas. Is there anything else I could do or I’m missing? I’m fairly certain the fuel lines are free and clear and the fuel pump I believe was working. I’m not an expert on small engines so this is why I’m asking you fine folks who have helped me out before. Do i need to fill the tank up? I only poured maybe 3/4 of a gallon in. Any ideas?

Post some pics, man!!
Keep a good look at the motor oil the Chinese carburators are notorious about the needle valve not sealing and letting gas leak into the block also keep in mind the 500 motor only holds a couple of ounces of oil in it so always check the lines and make sure it is pumping only other issues the 500s have is the stator and kill switch on the handle bars those are prone to go out do to age.
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