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(Beware) True spec sucks

zulu tango

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Feb 10, 2013
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Atlanta GA
I bought a pair of tru spec duty boots within 5 mos the glue is coming apart or making white lines
i bought these tru spec boots nib for 60 bucks at the discount army navy store in kennesaw
they manufacture tru spec it's there brand
i am an officer but a desk jock
this is the result of 5 mos of light desk wear
no rain or weather or extended walking just
sitting indoors at my desk


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Here's my suggestion, take them back to the store and show them what happened. They have the ability to make it right if they want too. The retail store DOES NOT make them. They are just a retail store that associated with the main company that owns Truspec and 5 star. They get their stock from Atlanco just like all other dealers.

I'm employed by the main company. We can't service end users so you'd just get directed to the dealer you bought from anyway.

FYI, little black shoe polish run over the entire boot will make it look new again. (leather and cloth areas).
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Looks like sweat. Might want to wash those hams every now and then. LOL no seriously that looks like sweat does it wipe off with water?
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