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Boar Head

Yeh, be careful with strong bleach and peroxide. Too potent of a product will cause it to deteriorate, teeth/tusks fall out, etc. Boiling and a lot of hand work is the safest bet, unless you want to invest in some of those beetles they sell online.
Always counted on teeth and tusks falling out anyway, this is a tusk after two weeks on the ground.
Meal worms.

Put them in a bucket with the skull. Let them do their work.

Have done this a few times with critters our dogs bring home.

Dermestid beetles are a better option and quicker but pricier.
Didn’t know where else to post this, will move if necessary. I shot a large boar in May and ended took the head as well. I stashed it on the ground for a couple of weeks to get picked apart by vultures and such they took a good bit), then hung it from a tree limb. Went to retrieve it yesterday and could still smell it from 25 yards. Has anyone done the same and how long did it take before it was pretty well done rotting and ready to be handled? The only other that I did in a similar manner took less than three weeks.
Fire ant hill for the win.
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