Building a barn


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Jan 15, 2011
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Gwinnett, GA
The wife and I started a project back in March that we've talked about for many years: Building a barn. Thought I'd share our progress here, as it's finally taking shape. It will be a 36x36, raised center aisle pole barn, with a loft in the center. We looked at having someone else build it, or maybe doing a metal building, but ultimately decided we could do this ourselves, save some coin with our labor, and enjoy the process. The labor is hard on our aging bodies, but it's been fun so far.

The plans are a 1990's University of Tennessee/USDA design. Just two pages of basic diagrams and specs for post spacing and wood sizes/positions. Not hard to follow, and easily customized. The dimensional lumber has all been from a building supplier or Home Depot. We're going to cut the siding, trim and doors using our sawmill from trees on the property.

Why a barn? Well, we've become hobby farmers, of sorts. At this point, a couple dozen chickens, 3 ducks, 3 goats, plus a cow or two in a neighbor's pasture. We have pens built for the animals. We need a dry place to store tractor, implements, hay, etc. My wife uses lumber we mill on our sawmill for artwork she sells, and we need a place to dry the lumber, too. And I'd love to free up my garage of logging and yard equipment, so we can park cars in the garage, as originally intended.

So...barn. Hope to have it functional by the fall.
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Looks great! In for updates.
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