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Cobra "Big Bore" derringer in .38 special


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Jul 26, 2010
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Athens, GA
So my girlfriend happened upon one of these a few years ago and when we started dating I knew I just had to take it to the range at some point. Well, that time was yesterday.



I took this to the range along with a few other guns and gave it a whirl, and I will say it was both the most fun gun to shoot out of the bunch and also the worst. The fun factor is the fact that youre shooting a freakin over-under derringer, it doesnt get much more sketchy than that. Add in the fact that it is single action and cowboy awesome and you can't help but feel a little bit like the poker game at the saloon just got real.

The not so cool part is that this thing is SCARY. It is not only super small and difficult to handle, but it also has the heaviest trigger known to man. I am talking 20lbs or so; quite the difficult pull when youre holding on to a gun the size of car key. Anyway, the trigger made any semblance of aiming go right out the window. Shooting center mass at 5 yards was difficult, with more rounds going into the head than the torso of the silhouette.

Now, of course this gun was not designed for shooting at a distance, even 5 yards was a stretch for the effective range of this thing. I would say 5 feet is more realistic, and if possible go ahead and try to get closer just to be sure. In fact, see if you can just press it right up against the target. Do you have a knife instead? It could be more effective.

Still, for what it is, and how much it costs, it might be worth picking one up just for the laugh factor when you pull it out at the range and act tough. Seriously, it is difficult to feel manly while holding this thing, but the smile on my face made up for it ten fold.

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I was lucky enough to be able to shoot this collector's piece of history yesterday. It was fun. I aimed at the torso and scored an excellent head shot. The trigger pull is no joke. I thought I pulled a muscle in my hand trying fire this thing. It is really cool though. For a minute you feel like Doc Holiday waiting on someone to cheat you in a card game.
I have one of these and getting the hammer back is more challenging than shooting it ...

But with 2 +p hollow points in it ..... well ....... its better than nuthin ;]
cool little derringer. I've been wanting the version in 45LC/.410.

I've got one that I bought off the trader in 45LC/410 and it is a struggle to pull the hammer back and pull the trigger. It is even tougher to hit a target at 5 yards like everyone has been commenting. Shooting the 45LC is just for fun or for lethal within 2 yards. The 410 triple 000 is the ticket though!!! 410 number 7.5 bird shot will get their attention too.

I shot it about 20 times and my hand and wrist were sore. It is a little cannon and if you can hit the target with the ammo your feeding it then you have a wicked little equalizer.
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