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Drilling cannon bores in the early 1800’s


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Jun 26, 2012
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This a British cannon boring machine from the early 1800’s. They cast the barrels solid then drilled out the bore afterwards.

The rig uses live horses to turn the bit!

That is awesome. I wonder if any of those rigs are still complete.
Don’t be too impressed…if you look closely, this rig is made by Bear Creek Arsenal, the fuse port is oversized and there are two crush washers and a shim on that barrel 😉
I would love to see something like that in person. Impressive craftsmanship……

I've been to the Royal Armory at Leeds, and to the armory in the Tower of London, but never saw anything like THAT!

I've got a buddy who's a retired "SWAT" Sniper in England. If anyone knows if one of those is still intact somewhere, it would be him. I'll hit him up.
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